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2003 Symposium is All About Saving Lives

eNewsletter...Briefly Speaking A monthly electronic publication for AARST's membership July 16, 2003 - Vol. II, Issue 8 Working Together to Save Lives! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This issue is packed with important news for radon professionals. Please read the entire issue and pass it on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2003 International Radon Symposium “Radon Professionals Saving Lives” October 5 - 8, 2003 Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center Nashville, Tennessee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2003 International Radon Symposuim sponsored by: The American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists (AARST) In cooperation with The National Radon Meeting, sponsored by: The Conference of Radiation Control Program Directors (CRCPD) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- BRIEF NEWS NOTE: A delegation from AARST and the American Radon Policy Coalition will be meeting with key officials of the US Department of Housing and Urban Development on July 24, 2003. The topic of the meeting: HUD's failure to fulfill its obligations under the 1988 Indoor Radon Abatement Act and the related McKinney Amendments. Look for a special news notice later this month concerning the outcome of this meeting. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this Issue: 2003 International Radon Symposium 1. Feature Speaker : Dr Lane Matthis Price 2. Winner's Circle -- Promoting Your Professional Seminars 3. Other Highlights 4. Tentative Program - Changes in Progress 5. Registration Form - or go to our web site: www.aarst.org - NOTE: Early Registration Saves You Money! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2003 Symposium is All About Saving Lives Dr. Lane Price is AARST's VIP Speaker on Day 1 Dr. Lane Matthis Price, a Radiation Oncologist and the Medical Director of the Decatur General Oncology Center in Decatur, Alabama will be a keynote speaker on Monday, October 6, 2003 at the joint session of AARST's 2003 International Radon Symposium and the CRCPD&Mac226;s National Radon Meeting. Several years ago Dr. Price became actively involved in radon public policy and radon outreach efforts in Alabama. Now her interest is being expanded to the national stage. When the issue of radon came before policymakers in Decatur, Alabama, Dr. Price stood up at a town meeting where a proposal for radon resistant building features in the local code was about to be defeated by pressure from local home builders. She said, "Today I signed 4 deaths certificates for lung cancer victims. Two of them never smoked. Now when are we going to do something about this?" This same challenge is going to be brought to Washington, D.C., as Dr. Price and a colleague will be featured in a film being produced by AARST and the American Radon Policy Coalition that highlights the importance of the work that radon professionals do. For the first time, policymakers will see and hear from the real front line of radon health, from doctors and survivors of radon induced lung cancer. The importance of Dr. Price's advocacy cannot be lost on those within our profession: Dr. Price is a medical doctor who uses radiation to treat patients under controlled settings and, with high radon counties in Northern Alabama, she also understands and sees the very real consequences of un-regulated radiation on her patients. In addition to policy work, Dr. Price has been very active with AARST member Sabrina Lyle of the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service in educating the public on health risks on radon. Alabama's Dept. of Public Health and the Alabama Cooperative Extension Service has put together a tremendous program. AARST is considering trying to duplicate this model outreach program nationally. Their efforts involve educating patients, doctors and other medical care providers. Dr. Price will speak to the 2003 Symposium attendees and the National Radon Meeting about the very real impact radon has on lung cancer patients and the families -- and the importance of having a concerted outreach effort, backed by strong policies and regulations that will assist the nation in locating and mitigating the nation's 10 Million "At Risk" high level radon homes. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Winner's Circle - This year we are presenting a series of mini courses that will encourage and edify on the subject of how to improve your professional standing and market and control your radon related business successfully. See the program - and encourage your colleagues to attend this event! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Other Symposium Highlights: In addition to the technical papers being presented, we thought we would note the following: A presentation is being made by a young woman from California who made an interesting discovery while doing her high school science fair project: High Levels of Radon in her high school in a region of the country where radon is "not on the map!" The premier of a short film on radon produce by the American Radon Policy Coalition - from the perspectives of Doctors and radon patients - a few survivors speak out! How to improve public private partnerships in the world of radon, from P-3 Committee Chair Sabrina Lyle. Panel Discussions on "Passive" Radon Ready New Construction. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Preliminary Agenda – 2003 Symposium 2003 International Radon Symposium Begins Sunday SUNDAY October 5, 2003 Registration All Day Sunday. October 5. 2003 1:00-5:00 p.m. Registration Radon Classes 8:AM - Noon : Marketing The Radon Message, $75; Instructor Trudy Smith: Pre-register @ Spruce: 1-800-355-0901. For Course Information call Trudy at 636-398-4912AARST Radon Classes 8 AM to 5 PM Mitigating Schools; Cost $95. Instructor, Bill Brodhead: Radon mitigation for schools requires more extensive knowledge of HVAC systems, commercial construction, and commercial code regulations. This course covers all these issues as well as designing and installing radon systems in schools. This is a required course for doing mitigation work in New Jersey Schools. To pre-register, call Kim at 732 445-2582 Board Meeting 1:00 PM Radon Classes 1PM - 5 PM: Radon Resistant New Construction, $75. Instructor Trudy Smith: Pre-register @ Spruce" 1-800-355-0901. For Course Information call Trudy 636-398-4912 4:00-6:00 pm AARST Winner’s Circle Rally "You Can Succeed As A Radon Professional" A Seminar For Radon Professionals on How To Be Successful Saving Lives Mini-Courses 1) Tom Heine "Saving Lives is Your Theme" 2) Peter Hendrick "The Market A National Priority 10 Million Unidentified Homes At Risk" 3) Dallas Jones "Growing Your Business for Measurement Professionals" 4) David Grammer "Growing Your Mitigation Business" 5) Dave Hill "Common Cents and Profitability, Costing and Pricing for Success" 6) Peter Hendrick " Public Affairs and Community Education, Educating Policy Makers and the Public is the Key to Your Success!" 6:00-8:00 p.m. Opening Reception (joint with CRCPD in the vendor area) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Monday October 6, 2003 Joint AARST and CRCPD Program 08:30 A.M. Joint welcoming speakers Moderator Adrian Howe 08:35- 08:45 Tom Kelly EPA Indoor Air Quality, Opening Remarks 08:45- 09:15 Ron Fraass CRCPD Executive Director 09:15-10:00 "Radon Risk Assessment, An Historical Re-examination For Bier 6" EPA (speaker undecided) 10:00-11:00 BREAK (One hour to visit vendors, exhibits, booths, etc., and attend your "regional mixer") inviting all attendees. Vendor presentations (3 minutes each) 11:00-11:30 Dr. Lane Price "Putting a face on Radon Risk" 11:30-12:00 ASHI - Tim Tucker "The Home Inspectors Perspective" 12:00-1:00 LUNCH Moderator:Dave Hill 1:00-2:00 Quality Mitigation practices Panel ( Patrick Daniels (IL) (Bell, alt); Mat Young (OH), David Grammer, Jerrod Mason and Keith Volsted) 2:00-2:30 Radon Documentary Film --- presented by the American Radon Policy Coalition 2:30-3:00 Gary Hodgden Update on AARST Standards 3:00-3:30 BREAK (Visit vendors) Vendor Presentations (3 minutes) 3:30-4:00 Lauren and Joseph Fukumoto "Radon Revelations from California" 4:00-4:30 Partnerships for outreach & data gath., Sabrina Lyle, AARST P3 Committee Chair 4:30-5:00 US EPA Update, Dave Rowson ADJOURN Evening on your own -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AARST Program Tuesday October 7, 2003 08:30 A.M. Session Opening 08:35- 09:00 Dr. Igor Leontjevich Komov "Monitoring of Indoor Radon in Ukraine" 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM Concurrent Session Mini-Course: Location: TBA " Radon Measurement For the Radon Professional," Instructor: Trudy Smith 09:00- 09:30 Jim Burkhart, Ph.D., University of Colorado; "AARST Measurement Professionals to Act as First Responders in the Event of an Accidental or Purposeful Radioisotope Event" 09:30- 09:50 Michael Kitto "Radon in New York Schools" 09:50- 10:20 BREAK 10:20- 10:45 "Assessment of Occupational Exposure to Airborne 222Rn in Three Minnesota Water Treatment Plants" Joshua J. Kerber 10:45- 11:25 Conrad Weiffenbach & Clint Marshall "Measurements in Eight Radon-Resistant New Houses" 11:25- 11:50 Bruce Snead "Radon Resistant New Construction (RRNC) Assessments in Manhattan, KS" 12:00- 01:30 LUNCH & AARST Meeting 01:30- 02:20 Panel Discussion " Radon Resistant New Construction" 02:20- 02:45 Brian Hanson "Geographical Information System (GIS) Analysis of the Kansas Radon Program Residential Testing Database" 02:45- 03:10 BREAK 03:10- 03:30 M. Trautmannsheimer "Investigation and Reduction of Personnel Radon Exposure Levels in Bavarian Water Supply Facilities" 03:30-04:20 Kevin J. Renken and Wessam Z. Daoud "Update on the Utilization of an Electromagnetic Shield to Reduce Indoor Radon Gas Entry at a Wisconsin Home" and "Measurement of the Energy Penalty Associated with the Operation of a Subslab Depressurization System" 04:20 ADJOURN 6:00-10:00 pm Night Out - Wild Horse Saloon and downtown Nashville -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AARST Program Wednesday October 7, 2003 08:30 Session Opening 08:35 - 09:00 Douglas Kladder "TBA" 9:00 AM to 10:30 AM Concurrent Session Mini-Course Location: TBA "Radon Mitigation That Works," Instructors: Dave Hill and Richard Drew 09:00- 09:25 Paul Kotrappa "An Advanced E-PERM System for Simultaneous Measurement of Concentrations of Radon Gas, Radon Progeny, Equilibrium Ratio and Unattached Radon Progeny" 09:25- 09:50 Robert K. Lewis "Short-term Electret Ion Chamber Blind Testing Program" 09:50- 10:20 BREAK 10:20- 10:50 Calvin Murphy "A study to Determine the Amount of Conditioned Air That is Pulled Out of a House by a Mitigation System" 10:50- 11:20 Alan Macklin "Technical Considerations in Radon Fan Application" 11:20- 11:40 Bill Brodhead "Using ASD to Mitigate CO2, Methane and Benzene" 11:40- 12:00 Bill Brodhead "Development of a One Day School Mitigation Class" 12:00- 01:00 LUNCH 01:00- 02:30 Science Workshop build a Radon Cloud Chamber with Dr. Burkhart (all materials will be provided) 02:30- 03:00 The AARST Winner’s Circle a Summation of Sunday’s Program -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Download your 2003 Radon Symposium Registration Form. pdf word.doc 2003 International Radon Symposium - Registration form. October 5 - 8, 2003 Gaylord Opryland Resort Nashville, Tennessee Name_________________________________Company_____________________ Address_________________________________Phone______________________ ____________________________Fax__________Email_____________________ (Please type or print) Registration Fees Include October 5-8,2003 admission to all Presentations, Copy of Proceedings (containing all Abstracts, Presented Papers and Poster Papers submitted), Night Out, and Monday and Tuesday Lunches. Membership dues are not included this year. Hotel fees are not included. Pre-Registration On-Site Registration AARST Members $350* 385** $425 ASHI Member $350* - 385** $425 Non-Member $400* - 425** $450 * Early bird special. Payment must be received by AARST by August 1. ** Payment must be received by AARST by September 3. Payment Method: Check or Visa or MasterCard. Please make checks payable to AARST and mail to: AARST, 2502 South Fifth Avenue Lebanon, PA 17042-9701 or fax 1-717-949-3192 with credit card information. VISA Exp Data____________________________ MasterCard Exp Date:________________ CARD #_____________________________________Signature________________________________ Name_____________________________________Credit Card Billing Address ___________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________ The Gaylord Opryland Resort Room Rates are $102 single/double; premium room rates are $122; quad $142. Reservation Cut Off Date: September 3, 2003. TO MAKE YOUR HOTEL RESERVATION, call toll free (877) 243-6779 and tell them you are with the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists or use group code X-RADON. All reservation requests must be accompanied by a room deposit or be guaranteed to a major credit card. (Important note: Saturday night room availability might be limited.) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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