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2000 International Residential Code is coming..radon in or out??

State by State, the new 2000 International Residential Code (IRC) is being adopted.
This is great news for builders and developers nationwide since hopefully the
entire country will be using ONE building code for residential construction- now
we have many! Even when California adopts the building provisions of the IRC,
one would need to get comfortable between the 1997 UBC and 2000 IRC changes.

As with any new code, the learning curve will vary. That is why builders and
designers in addition to code officials nationwide will be using the new "2000
IRC Extreme" software program from ICBO, the model code publishing organization
and member of the ICC- the developers of the 2000 IRC.

>>>For the fastest, easiest, graphical and most productive way to
learn, apply and use the new IRC code, there is only ONE way to go!

Here is a link to the program's specifications (pdf document): http://www.cmapc.com/IRC2000/2000IRC%20ExtremeSpecSheet2.pdf

Make sure you visit ICBO's products expo. next month in San Francisco at the
ABM for a demo of the latest programs that will be introduced shortly.

Thank you.

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