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Building codes information galore!

~~~~~~~~~~~~ >>>>>>>>> NEVER have a building code question
go unanswered! <<<<<<<<<<<<<

You are cordially invited to join "THE BUILDING CODE DISCUSSION GROUP".

There, we exchange ideas & challenges that face the building code enforcement,
construction & design communities in the US and worldwide. This is by far
the most dynamic Q&A area on codes! Participants are from throughout the
USA and some are international. As of 7/00, the forum had over 1750 registered
members and thousands of guests! The forum is updated DAILY! The discussions
are challenging, practical and relate to the current building codes, design
and construction methods! The forum is monitored and updated daily by building
code specialty engineers.

Questions are usually answered within 24 hours. Many even within hours. You
see, the forum is monitored to make sure no question is left unattended to.
With a core of specialists and experts in many fields ready to share their expertise
and opinions with you, HOW CAN YOU LOSE? Where else can you receive this attention
and quality discussions?

To join the discussions, simply point your browser to: http://www.delphi.com/buildingcode/start/

(If the URL above is not already underlined, please copy & paste the entire
URL into your browser address and point to our site).*

You will be able to browse, look over the discussions and test the forum features.
You will NOT be able to participate in the questions/answers until you register
and become a MEMBER of the group. To become a member, you need to go through
a quick registration (so you can post & receive messages). It only takes
a minute and it's FREE!

This is a POWERFUL and feature-packed forum that will become one of your best
resources almost immediately. Many of the members are professionals/experts
in different fields that visit daily, some 2-3 times a day. ***Take advantage
of this today***

Bookmark and visit often...........information continually changing! If you
forget to bookmark, go to www.cmapc.com and click on "Discussions"

OR NEWER TO USE THIS FEATURE! Best viewed with the following settings: 1024x768
or 800x600, 256 min. colors.

P.S. You received this e-mail because your name was on our mailing list as
a previous visitor or an interested in the Building Code topics party. If you
received more than one message, please forgive us.

+++ Feel free to forward this message to individuals that may benefit from
the information. ++++++

Also, please take a minute to evaluate the discussions. Form available from
the Discussion Group first page

+++A sample of the forum participants: Architects/Engineers, Builders/Contractors,
Building Officials, Plan Checkers, Inspectors, Consultants, Home owners, Manufacturer
Reps, Attorneys, Students and Educators, Building Department Counter Technicians,
Facility Managers, Expert Witnesses, building code and construction-related
interested parties.....

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