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ENROLLED 1999 Legislature CS for SB 1848, 3rd Engrossed 1 404.056 Environmental radiation standards and 2 programs; radon protection.-- 3 (5) MANDATORY TESTING.--All public and private school 4 buildings or school sites housing students in kindergarten 5 through grade 12; all state-owned, state-operated, 6 state-regulated, or state-licensed 24-hour care facilities; 7 and all state-licensed day care centers for children or minors 8 which are located in counties designated within the Department 9 of Community Affairs' Florida Radon Protection Map Categories 10 as "Intermediate" or "Elevated Radon Potential" shall be 11 measured to determine the level of indoor radon, using 12 measurement procedures established by the department. Testing 13 shall be completed within the first year of construction in 20 14 percent of the habitable first floor spaces within any of the 15 regulated buildings. Initial measurements shall be completed 16 and reported to the department by July 1, of the year the 17 building is opened for occupancy. Follow-up testing must be 18 completed in 5 percent of the habitable first floor spaces 19 within any of the regulated buildings after the building has 20 been occupied for 5 years, and results must be reported to the 21 department by July 1 of the 5th year of occupancy. After radon 22 measurements have been made twice, regulated buildings need 23 not undergo further testing unless significant structural 24 changes occur. Where fill soil is required for the 25 construction of a regulated building, initial testing of fill 26 soil must be performed using measurement procedures 27 established by the department, and the results must be 28 reported to the department prior to construction. 1990, and 29 repeated measurements shall be performed and reported to the 30 department at 5-year intervals. Test results, prior to the 31 effective date of this act, may be accepted by the department 21 CODING: Words stricken are deletions; words underlined are additions. ENROLLED 1999 Legislature CS for SB 1848, 3rd Engrossed 1 as long as the tests conducted meet the standards for testing 2 promulgated by the department, and the school or care facility 3 certifies this in writing to the department. The provisions 4 of paragraph (3)(c) as to confidentiality shall not apply to 5 this subsection. No funds collected pursuant to s. 553.721 6 shall be used to carry out the provisions of this subsection.

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