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Mandatory Radon Testing Reduced or Eliminated

This is a copy of the section relating to mandatoryradon testing in Florida Schools,
Nursing Homes, Hospitals and other restrained living facilities....

24 Section 16. Subsection (5) of section 404.056, Florida

25 Statutes, 1998 Supplement, is amended to read:

26 404.056 Environmental radiation standards and

27 programs; radon protection.--

28 (5) MANDATORY TESTING.--All public and private school

29 buildings or school sites housing students in kindergarten

30 through grade 12; all state-owned, state-operated,

31 state-regulated, or state-licensed 24-hour care facilities;


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Florida Senate - 1999 CS for SB 1848 302-2122-99

1 and all state-licensed day care centers for children or minors

2 which are located in counties designated within the Department

3 of Community Affairs' Florida Radon Protection Map Categories

4 as "Intermediate" or "Elevated Radon Potential" shall

5 measured to determine the level of indoor radon, using

6 measurement procedures established by the department. Testing

7 shall be completed within the first year of construction in 20

8 percent of the habitable first floor spaces within any of the

9 regulated buildings. Initial measurements shall be completed

10 and reported to the department by July 1, of the year the

11 building is opened for occupancy. Follow-up testing must be

12 completed in 5 percent of the habitable first floor spaces

13 within any of the regulated buildings after the building has

14 been occupied for 5 years, and results must be reported to the

15 department by July 1 of the 5th year of occupancy. After radon

16 measurements have been made twice, regulated buildings need

17 not undergo further testing unless significant structural

18 changes occur. Where fill soil is required for the

19 construction of a regulated building, initial testing of fill

20 soil must be performed using measurement procedures

21 established by the department, and the results must be

22 reported to the department prior to construction. 1990, and

23 repeated measurements shall be performed and reported to the

24 department at 5-year intervals. Test results, prior to the

25 effective date of this act, may be accepted by the department

26 as long as the tests conducted meet the standards for testing

27 promulgated by the department, and the school or care facility

28 certifies this in writing to the department. The provisions

29 of paragraph (3)(c) as to confidentiality shall not apply to

30 this subsection. No funds collected pursuant to s. 553.721

31 shall be used to carry out the provisions of this subsection.


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Florida Senate - 1999 CS for SB 1848 302-2122-99

1 Section 17. Section 235.186, Florida Statutes, as

2 created by section 5 of chapter 97-384, Laws of Florida, is

3 repealed.

4 Section 18. Section 235.4355, Florida Statutes, as

5 created by section 19 of chapter 97-384, Laws of Florida, is

6 repealed.

7 Section 19. This act shall take effect upon becoming a

8 law.


Senate Bill 1848


13 The Committee Substitute:

14 1. Provides for school plant plan review by appropriately licensed professionals
other than structural engineers. 15 2. Eliminates the free use of prototype
plans for school 16 construction.

17 3. Eliminates Effort Index Grants.

18 4. Provides for school construction or renovation plan review by the appropriate
reviewing authority. 19 5. Provides for an enhanced SIT program for school districts
20 which achieve certain local effort requirements and construct frugal schools.
21 6. Exempts certain rooms and community colleges from operable 22 glazing
requirements on windows.

23 7. Provides for standard setting by the Commissioner of education on relocatable
classrooms by the year 2003. 24 8. Revises radon testing frequency and application
to 25 facilities in intermediate or elevated radon areas.


  [Posted by Bill signed by Governor Bush 6/11/99 on 12/2/2004]