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Radon Building Code Rejected

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For use by building, construction and development interests the following is
quoted from the:

March 1996 Broward County Board of Rules & Appeals newsletter "The

"Radon Code Rejected The State of Florida, through the Division of Building
codes and Standards, has promulgated a set of radon mitigation for adoption
by local boards having jurisdiction over construction.

The Broward County Board of Rules & Appeals, however has elected not to
adopt these standards. Board member John Pepper, a structural engineer, said
"The proposed codes would add substantially to construction costs, even
though there is no evidence that radon is a significant problem in Broward County.

John Sommers, electrical contractor, stressed that construction costs must
never be our first consideration in adopting or rejecting proposed change, but
increasing costs without a reasonable increase in safety and protection would
not be in the best interests of the public.

The Board of Rules & Appeals has the responsibility to adopt codes necessary
to provide adequate safety for residents of Broward County, but the board members
unanimously agreed that adopting standards which would increase construction
costs, with no significant increase in public safety, would be improper and

Those few cases in Broward County in which radon has been found were generally
traceable to fill brought in from other areas.

With these factors considered, the Board unanimously voted not to adopt the
Florida Radon Code.

Board members stressed that should radon ever become a problem in Broward County,
this question could be reconsidered.

The geology of Broward County is such that the naturally occurring presence
of radon gas, a byproduct of the composition of uranium, is highly unlikely."
end of article

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