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A Solution To Radon From Building Materials

We have investigated numerous cases where a major portion of the indoor measured
radon was as a result of radium contained within the concrete building materials.

In the projects loacted in South Florida the AirPro PV radon control system
can be used to reduce the radon to well below the EPA 4 pCi/L action level.
More than 3000 apartments and condos have had radon corrections with this method.

Radon Mitigation Services RMS of Deland Florida, 800-344-3746, http://www.radonfix.com
have recently licensed ARS's patented AirPro technology for use at 5 different
apartment developments with 100% success. The developers of these properties
have commented on how quiet the PV mini-vent system is compared to previous
ventilation technology and also upon the professional manner in which RMS completed
these projects. There was not a single reported resident/tenant complaint on
any of these projects.

  [Posted by Harry Schork, P.E. VP Materials Engineering, ARS on 12/2/2004] Reply to this message