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Council Says Yes to Radon Regulations

Council Says Yes to Radon Regulations
Protecting Homes from Radon
Stephanie Wurtz

In a unanimous vote Tuesday, council members approved an ordinance requiring home builders to take specific precautions to keep radon out of new homes.

And while earlier debate on the issue frustrated builders, now everyone's happy with the compromise.

Radon, a colorless, odorless gas, can cause serious health problems, including lung cancer.

So council members say keeping it out of Topeka homes is important.

"Being a public safety issue, I think it's important," says Jeff Preisner, City Council District 8, "people just aren't aware of the gas, the gases, yeah, it's something we should put in place."

And the ordinance-- that would apply to new one and two family homes-- strikes a compromise with builders.

"There can be ways to layer it from the base level of the structure so that the radon doesn't seep into the living structure, there are also ways to vent the radon out through the structure," says Bill Yanek of the Topeka Builder/Realtor Coalition, "what was passed tonight allows different options for the builder to do, that, if that is an issue."

The council also approved a change in zoning at the Ramada Inn, allowing for the top floor of the hotel to be converted to apartments or suites.

"I think it would be good to have more people living downtown and that would stir economic development downtown," says Norton Bonaparte, Topeka City Manager.

Earlier Tuesday at a work session, the council discussed bringing a minor league baseball team to the Capital City.

After reviewing the first phase of a feasibility study, the council decided to ask JEDO to vote on funding the $7500 needed to complete phase two of the study.

That study would offer information on whether bringing in a team would be a successful venture in Topeka.

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