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Granite Counter Top Radon and Radiation Risk Evaluation Underway

7/30/08 Radon Emanation and Radiation From Granite Counter Tops

Associated Radon Services, a Florida Department of Health Certified Radon Measurement Laboratory and National Radon Proficiency Program Certified Primary Radon Analytical Laboratory, has expanded their field and laboratory services to include radon risk evaluations of granite building materials using technology the methods developed over the last 18 years of Radon/Radium 226 soil and building material investigation and analysis.

A number of the reported highest elevated gross radiation granite counter top samples have been submitted from various areas outside of Florida for radon emanation lab analysis and surface radiation testing. This detailed analysis is in progress and preliminary results are expected early in September.

On site field measurement of gross gamma radiation with various Ludlum single channel gamma survey/analyzers equipped with calibrated Sodium Iodide (NaL) gamma scintillator detectors has been included with multi-location residential radon testing and offered to Florida homeowners. All of Associated Radon Servicesí Florida certified radon measurement field technicians now have gamma radiation survey equipment.

E-mail wlevy@radonserv.com for information on radon analytical laboratory services availabe

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