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Re: Sump pump covers for radon mitigation

This is almost a non-issue with a properly designed radon system. The sump cover is installed with either caulk alone or with a gasket and screws. In either case it should be easy to remove. [We prefer the caulk method.] Fernco fasteners on the water and gas outlet pipes allow easy removal (screwdriver again). Finally, if the cover is not made of transparent Lexan, there should be a viewport so that you can inspect without having to disassemble. Sure, pump replacement is maybe five minutes more work than without a radon system, but how often does one have to replace a sump pump? Every five to fifteen years? Bottom line: Don't let fear of sump pumps deter you from reducing your radiation exposure. Cheers from Michigan.

  [Posted by Jerrod mason (mason@radonpro.com) on 12/2/2004] Reply to this message