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Central Florida Radon Testing Experts

Providing Quality Measurements since 1989

Providing radon gas measurements for .... multi-family, single family residential
homes, schools , ACLF, Nursing homes, day care centers, FL mandatory testing,

Radon Evaluations, Inc. provides radon measurements for real estate professionals,
relocation companies, home inspection companies,home builders, real estate developers,
lenders, and home buyers. We can provide you with quality continuous radon monitor
screenings for real estate transactions and post radon mitigation testing. Our
services also include radon screenings for multi-family apartment complexes,
nursing homes, schools using electret ion chambers or activated charcoal. Important
decisions are based on the results of radon measurements, that's why you need
a company with the experience and knowledge to provide you with the peace of
mind that the radon test results provided to you are accurate and the test was
performed in accordance with all US EPA Protocols. All Technicians are Florida
State Certified and US EPA RMP Listed

FL State Certified US EPA Listed Primary Lab for the use of Honeywell Continuous
Radon Monitor

Pauline Mannino Vice President 1-888-621-8622 US EPA Listed RMP FL State Certified

e-mail to: rei@aol.com

internet at: http://www.radonfix.com/eval.htm

Radon Evaluations, Inc. 1414 East Carolina Ave. Deland, Florida 32724

Phone: 904-943-8622 Fax: 904-943-8445

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